August/September 2022

Thursday Collection – Harbury

DateGrey BinsBlue BinsGreen BinsFood Caddy
4 AugustYes
11 AugustYesYesYes
18 AugustYesYes
25 AugustYesYesYes
1 SeptemberYes
8 SeptemberYesYesYesYes
15 SeptemberYes

Friday Collection – Deppers Bridge and Ladbroke

DateGrey BinsBlue BinsGreen BinsFood Caddy
5 AugustYesYesYes
12 AugustYes
19 AugustYesYesYesYes
26 AugustYes
2 SeptemberYesYesYes
9 SeptemberYesYes
16 SeptemberYesYesYes

Blue Lid Bins

Plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, tins, cartons and glass.

Green Bins

Grass cuttings, plants, weeds and small branches.

Grey Bins

Kitchen waste, soft plastics and wrappers.

More Information

Find out more on Stratford District Council’s Refuse and Recycling web page (opens in a new tab)