World War 1 Memorial Trail – Harbury’s Men of WW1

There are 34 men honoured on Harbury’s War Memorials.

On this page you can read a Memoir of each person, together with a link to their page on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. These, together with various photographs, certificates, articles and other related items, we hope paint a picture of each individual and go some way to honouring their ultimate sacrifice.

Harbury World War 1 Memorial Trail Blue Plaque

Alfred William Allen

Reginald John Beardsworth

Reginald's Attestation Paper (side one) Reginald's Attestation Paper (side two) Painting entitled 'Oppy Wood 1917 Evening' by John Nash Photograph of Reginald Beardsworth

Raymond John Brooks

Article in Leamington Courier on 30 Apri 1915 listing the enrolment of Raymond Brooks Cricket Club article in the Leamington Courier, 18 April 1919

Frederick Charles Field

Photograph of Frederick Field at Harbury School in 1910 School days photograph of Frederick Field

Ernest Edward Gurden

A photograph of Ernest Gurden standing by his mother

William Lancaster

Obituary of William Lancaster, Coventry Standard, 7 June 1918

Robert Lamplough Mann

Obituary of Robert Mann Leamington Courier, 26 December 1919 Greenhill House, sortly before demolition in the 1980s

Sydney William Mullis

Obituary of Sydney Mullis, Leamington Spa Courier, 15 June 1917

Allan Grant Pirie

Article of the wounding of Allan Pirie, Leamington Spa Courier, 1 September 1916 Photograph of Allan from the Aberdeen Journal Allan Pirie's gravestone in Ufton churchyard

James Thomas Walker

Photograph of the HMS Good Hope

Frederick Owen Young

Cricket Club article in the Leamington Courier, 18 April 1919